Translation AutoCad drawings costs a lot of time. As engineer you would like to spent most of your precious time with the engineering process. Since the World is more and more connected, also markets moved abroad. The requirements for working in counties as China and Russia are getting more complicated.

For translating your AutoCAD drawings your search will stop here. AutoCADtranslator.com provides a very powerful solution for translating al your AutoCAD drawings yourself, with just 3 AutoCad commands.


How does it work?

-The tool will export al the Text, Mtext and Atributes (also in blocks) to a Excel file.

-Your translator will translate all the words in Excel

-With just 1 command, you simple translate your complete drawing!



See for yourself, and download our free trial! The Trial works the same as the full version, but is restricted to translate max. 20 words.



Check us on Youtube! And watch our demonstration video’s




If there are any remarks, possible improvements, or any troubles with using the program, please do not hesitate to contact us.